Welcome to Hive Scientia’s documentation!

The HIVE /hʌɪv/ SCIENTIA /skiˈen.ti.a/ system is a NodeMCU based data capture system for Bee Hives, Apiaries and other scenarios where gathering and analysing environmental data (such as temperature, humidity, CO2 and VOCs) is required.


Data from IN-HIVE located inside the hive is passed to the OUT-HIVE via a cable link. Using the MQTT protocol for communications and working over WiFi the OUT-HIVE will communicate with open-source and online (pending) MQTT Brokers. The data is gathered and processed by the Python based HIVE-INSIGHT subscriber which produces easy to interpret summaries and charts.

Node Unit

The MQTT Broker and main Hive Scientia application (written in Python) can be installed on a Raspberry Pi ( tiny and affordable computer) or on an alternative Unix flavoured machine.

It should also be possible to use an online MQTT Broker with the subscriber running on a Windows machine (although this set up is untested).

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